Project fear; Cameron attacks

In a callous and desperate move Cameron threatens pensioners with lower
pensions if  we leave the EU.

With a transparent ploy to target likely Brexit supporters the Tory leader has
now picked on older voters who are known to be pro Brexit. You can almost
hear them at the planning stage in this one; "Who is voting for Brexit, older
people, how can how can we scare them -  pensions"

      All the threats are based on the increasingly tenuous arguments that
predict economic downturn as a result. None of which is any more than
conjecture by people famously unable to predict the future. They have
declared themselves the winners in a an argument  with no good reason. It
was the same with the Euro, and that turned out to be the opposite of what
they predicted. These days they just dream up a number and divide it by the
number of people they want to scare , and call it a "bill" for brexit.

The basic message is the same - they want you to believe that democracy will
come at a price, and they keep hiking that price more or less randomly.

The fact is that
loss of democracy comes at a price. A very high one indeed.

      Cameron has previously dismissed his own unfounded and exaggerated
claims as a natural part of "vigourous campaigns". It seems likely he will
brush off the whole of his project-fear lies in the same manner,
Meanwhile you are expected to believe them. He sees it as fair game. The
playing fields of Eton seemingly taught him to cheat and to bully the weak.

And the Archbishop of Canterbury joins
        In a move likely to bring the disestablishment of the church closer, the
Archbishop of Canterbury had stepped in to try to influence the referendum
of the so far still free British people.
Adding his tuppence-worth to the establishment attacks on Democracy, the  
out of touch vicar has joined the Tory Prime Minister in his threats to
pensioners, designed to intimidate them into voting away their democratic

 This move will be remembered afterwards. The working people of Britain are
sick of being told what to do by the middle class establishment. The public
school bishop shows himself to be nothing other than part of that
establishment. The question is; how long do we want to carry on giving moral
authority to bodies like this?

Who is this archbishop?'
Yes , you guessed it, he's an Etonian.

His background, no you couldn't have guessed it, is in ...oil.

Welby worked for 11 years in the oil industry, five of
them for the French oil company Elf Aquitaine based in

In 1984 he became treasurer of the oil exploration group Enterprise Oil PLC
in London, where he was mainly concerned with West African and North Sea
oil projects. He retired from his executive position in 1989 and said that he
sensed a calling from God to be ordained.

In July 2013, following the report of the Parliamentary Commission on
Banking Standards Commission, Welby explained that senior bank executives
avoided being given information about difficult issues to allow them to "plead
ignorance". He also said he would possibly have behaved in the same way and
warned against punishing by naming and shaming individual bankers which
he compared to "the behaviour of a lynch mob."

How did he get to have such a big position in the Church of England so
quickly? Was it by serving God  - or serving Mammon?

And  the oil company.....?
In God we trust.
The Elf scandal which came to light in 1994 in France was according to The
Guardian, 'the biggest fraud inquiry in Europe since the Second World War...
Elf became a private bank for executives who spent £200 million on political
favours, mistresses, jewellery, fine art, villas and apartments'. Iraqi-born
Nadhmi Auchi, at that time rumoured to be among the ten richest men of
Britain, received a 15-month suspended sentence and a £1.5m fine for his
involvement taking illegal commissions. Auchi was also linked to the
Clearstream scandal. He is BNP Paribas bank's main private share-holder;
and until 2001, the money for the Oil-for-Food programme transited through
the escrow account of BNP Paribas. Magistrate Eva Joly investigated the case.
In the Leuna/Minol deal following German reunification, Elf Aquitaine took
over circa 2,500 vacated gas station allottments in the former East Germany
without paying the rightful owners.

(source: Wikipedia)

When do warnings become threats
...then worse?

    When we remember that capitalism, including the strength of a currency, is
based largely on confidence,  then a government that talks up the dangers or
risks and detrimental effects to our own economy, beyond a certain point
becomes guilty of contributing to those very effects, or  it could even be said
even bringing them on. Or, god forbid, of doing so deliberately.

      Cameron didn't hesitate to get his friend the US President to threaten us
by "putting us to the back of the queue" for a trade deal. It was indeed a
curious sight, our own leader seeming to invite foreign threats. Mandelson
was openly gleeful when the German Finance Minister vowed to make it as
difficult as possible for Britain if we leave. "Guacamole" Mandelson, former
unelected EU Commissioner, and well know man of the people, shows how far
to the right Labour has been dragged.

    Certainly the powerful capitalist bodies that are ranged against the idea of
Britain leaving, especially the global and all powerful forces of
capitalism, would not hesitate to do what they could to force any country to
toe the capitalist line of their requirements and their plan. We can expect
more of the same in the next two weeks.

      Just after the polls showing a 10 point lead to Brexit, there was a drop in
the pound's value. How much does this connect to the fact that most big
movers in the finance markets are against Brexit? We are perhaps witnessing
the war on the people, and their democratic rights, that is a very real aspect
of capitalism, usually hidden. The referendum is succeeding in drawing their
alliances out into the open . It also shows their tactics and the lengths they
are prepared to go to.

    All of which is an urgent reminder to stand firm against them. It also shows
us what we are letting ourselves in for if we don't.



etonian archbishop of canterbury and oil executive
Etonian archbishop of canterbury and
oil executive. One of the fellows.






"God spoke to me" - the oily
Archbishop listened to God.
Some Nigerians stealing from God's oilman.