Cameron shares Remain platform with
someone whom
 he claimed has links to ISIS

What did he say about Sadiq Khan's connections?

“ Let me tell him, Suliman Gani – the honourable member for Tooting [Sadiq Khan]
has appeared on a platform with him nine times. This man supports IS [Islamic State].
I think they are shouting down this point because they don’t want to hear the truth.”

What does he say now? He now calls Sadiq Khan

“Someone who’s a proud Muslim, a proud Brit and a proud Londoner".

and he, Cameron, is “proud to share a platform with him”.

Well. We're all proud to hear it.

What about his previous comments?

That's “the kind of thing you say in vigorous campaigns”.

What is he saying on this platform?

....That leaving the EU will mean cuts to pensions.

Don't worry, - Youre not supposed to believe him, its just
something he says in “vigorous campaigns”
What exactly is behind the governments
“warnings” on Brexit?

Well, its based on the idea that the economy “wouldn't grow as fast as it otherwise
would have". This is then worked up into a figure, a sum of money, and added to a date,
and then called a cost, and factored into spending. Then they can list virtually every
area of spending and say it would be cut if we left the EU. This gives them a useful bag of
words and phrases they can throw around in the campaign.

The campaign of “warnings” would be the same if an opposition party were to have
some ideas that would be “costed” by opponents to it, and called “intended cuts”. But
any cuts made are the decision of a government. If he is talking of cuts it's because he is
intending some. Maybe he is merely looking for an excuse in advance.

They may for example do the same if Corbyn ever gets as far as a manifesto. Maybe they
won't have the whole of the capitalist world behind them that time round. Or maybe
this is the beginning of a trend. It would certainly be a way of dissuading parties from
having any policies the IMF, OECD or the American President didn't like.

Maybe in the interests of party unity Corbyn will meekly put
them aside and campaign against his own policies?