19th June 2016
Confused Free Marketeer Jeremy Corbyn
Defends (and Condemns) Capitalist EU

In an interview today Corbyn blamed immigration on the austerity imposed on  poorer
countries, citing Greece as an example. But

Greece is the subject of austerity policies directly imposed by the EU and the
ECB in Frankfurt.

In other words, unlimited immigration is a
problem caused by austerity policies
the EU that he is the main Labour advocate for? Yes.

Deeply dishonest Corbyn can barely string the words together as he tries to change the
subject  “-we should.... turn our issues (sic) on austerity,.. the Tories” he stammers. “and turn
our anger quite a lot on tax havens....blah blah”

He also tries to make the
free movement of labour sound like a compensation, a counter
weight to the
free movement of capital. He knows full well that the free movement of labour
is one of the conditions of classical capitalism, no different from the
free movement of capital.
It's not an
advantage for the low paid, it creates low pay. And he knows it. Corbyn has
become an out and out liar, and he's not even Prime Minister yet.

Corbyn unwittingly condemns EU policy

Asked if he advocated any upper limit for immigration, he side-stepped it by saying, “I don't
think you can have one while you have free-movement of labour”. Precisely.

He went on, somewhat confusingly;

“free movement of labour means you have to balance the economy so you have to improve
living standards and conditions and so that means the European Union's appalling treatment
of Greece, particularly the European Central Bank as well as the European Union, that is a
problem", he went on, looking rather uncomfortable.

"If you actually deliberately lower living standards and increase poverty in certain countries in
south-east and eastern Europe then you're bound to have a flow of people looking for
somewhere else to go”  he said, seeeming to suggest that the EU created the wealth gap
between, for example Bulgaria and Britain. Even the EU's worst enemies don't claim that, but
he does, so confused is he by his own lies.

His almost unintelligible clap trap can just be made out to mean that you have to “balance the
whole of the EU economy”, across the Eurozone, and create such conditions of equality
between countries like Greece and Germany, so that there will no longer be any need for

Sounds like a long project. If it takes 30 years it won't matter because most of Bulgaria will
have migrated, according to his argument. How are weak economies supposed to get stronger
if we take all their young people? All that will be left of Bulgaria will be old people dying in
unstaffed hospitals, because we will be benefiting from all their nurses and doctors.
Again, it suits the capitalists,  but it's hell for the people.

He then turns upon the EU policy of enforced austerity, which is the very policy of the
Eurozone that he advocates, ...and condemns it. Not only that, he pretends that it is a British
Tory policy, almost as if the German bank was run by George Osbourne.

Osbourne's austerity policy will end when we vote him out. The EU's austerity policy, which is
the one Corbyn is advocating you vote for, will
never end because you cannot vote them out.

Remember he knows all this so...Why is Corbyn doing this to himself?

In the interests of ...party unity. For this he betrays the low paid and betrays democracy, the
very basis of anyone's rights anywhere.

The EU is not just an enemy of the British working classes, it is the enemy of the
working classes all across Europe.

Corbyn. No principles. Can't be trusted.
Who is Jeremy Corbyn? -
Sometimes even he must wonder.
Anti-Austerity Corbyn says vote for permanent
EU  austerity