Nationalism On The Streets Of London And All Across Europe

It was chillingly reminiscent of a German nationalism film from the
pre-war days, happy sunny families wheeling their blond children,
beaming family groups, draped in the National flags of their nation
and their creed. The reports of it emphasised the peaceful aspect of it,
the inevitability of it. A few ragged dissenters lined the ways, not
really able to make much of an impression upon this overwhelming
tide of nationalistic fervour. For this, like all nationalism, to be fair,
was belief not just in a nation but in a vision, an ideal, a belief, one
you couldn't quite put your finger on, an indefinable charismatic hope
that had identified itself as the future.

Yes this was EU nationalism, the flags were blue with stars all
around. So beautiful.

The EU is a nation state like any other. It has all the characteristics
and attributes of one. It has a government, albeit unelected, a
parliament albeit a rubber stamp version, a head of state, an army is
planned, a police force is planned, it has borders, hard, hard borders
like any other nation state, hard ones as we are learning to our cost,
it has a flag that it is illegal not to fly, it has a national anthem, it has
an immigration policy, it has an economic policy, it has a bank, the
Deutsche bank, it has a currency, it has an expansionist foreign
policy, it has a nationalistic craving for power, it has regions,  rich
ones and poor ones, it has inequality within its borders that, just like
any other nation state, it promises to reduce, it has a wages policy
(anti-union) it has a propaganda department, it has a secret police, it
has spies, it has government departments, it has class differences, it
has a ruling elite, it has a sense of nation and of race, it has values it
identifies as its own as opposed to those of any other place (European
values)  it has European racism (“I am a European”) , it even has an
EU youth apparently who eagerly eye the cemeteries being filled up
with the last of those who can remember democracy,   it has
nationalism, un-reasoning, irrational, adulation and loyalty to
everything it stands for. The EU is a nation state and it inspires
nationalism. So let's not talk about nationalism as if it is something to
be found only in the regions that go to make up the EU. Anyone who
avows themselves loyal to the EU is a nationalist as much as anyone
else who opposes it. This may be irrelevant, or it may be very
relevant, but it cannot only work one way.