In 1975 a Labour Party Conference voted by more than
2-1 in favour of Britain's withdrawal from the EEC (what
the EU used to call itself)
Tony Benn  called the European Union " a derogation of
our historic democratic right to select and remove our
governments" (
Parliament, People and Power 1982)
The EU is the biggest unelected regime outside China
There are two main reasons for the left to oppose the EU, and to vote
for Britain to leave it. They are;
1. The EU is an employers charter designed to move workers
around the European territories in huge numbers to provide cheap
labour and drive wages down, a classical capitalist move reminiscent of
the 1930s and one which already brings hardship and upheaval to
2. The EU is blatantly anti-democratic, as the EU government, the
Commission as it is called, is not elected, not drawn from the MEPS ,
and is not accountable to them or to the electorate of the EU. This
means that 450 million people are governed without mandate, by an
unelected  regime that cannot be removed by elections. The EU
elections for MEPS has no bearing whatsoever on the EU government,
which is not affected in any way by those elections.

These two aspects of the EU are further explored on this website,
which is devoted to presenting a coherent left wing argument against
the EU, in the  light of the fact that many of those who normally
consider themselves to be on the left, are nevertheless willing to give
their support to this anti democratic and anti-labour organisation, and
who furthermore think of opposition to the EU as a function of the
political right. It is not. Read here and you will see why.
The EU has proved itself opposed to progressive workers
unions, and has opposed them, over-ruled them and imposed
heavy crippling fines upon them throughout the EU to uphold
its policy of low wages for millions of migrant workers
throughout Europe.
The EU attacks upon labour
The EU attacks upon democracy
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