Being part of Europe isn't just a location - it's a
state of mind.(Source: EU Commission)

the key facts(Source: EU Commission)

without the EU, countries like Romania, Germany and Luxemborg
wouldnt exist, there would be only sea. 7 million Britons take their holidays
in the EU every year, enjoying sun, food and speaking foreign languages,
some of it is by the sea. (Source: EU Commission)

for every pound
we give the EU, we receive £7000 pound back , in free
gifts, better holidays, and trade. We buy things from them, and they give us
unlimited credit, yes unlimited!(Source: EU Commission)

Your income is at risk - families earn £24,000 per year as part of the
EU, if we leave the EU that will be at risk!

being in the EU means better shops, with food from countries like
France, Greece and Poland. We guzzle an astonishing 4 million litres of
French wine and 40 million litres of Spanish cod liver oil per week! This
would all be lost if we left the EU. (Source: EU Commission)

400,000 businessmen fly to EU airports each month, thats 48 million
per year, more than half the populaton of Turkey, and Turkey isnt even in
the EU yet!(Source: EU Commission)

The UK gets 68 billion ££££££   per year investment from abroad each
year, and much of that is from EU countries and from countries near the
EU, creating 54 banking jobs and 2 million jobs in unemployment. That's a
huge drain on our benefits system and a massive boost to tax payers and
the NHS. (Source: EU Commission)

25 million jobs are linked to the EU, through investment, trade or just
simply not being in the UK, or through having no connection with services or
the EU. That's A HUGE WHOPPING 3 millon jobs.(Source: EU Commission)

EU!(Source: EU Commission)

(Source: EU

Being in Europe makes it easier and safer to be in the EU  - if we leave
Europe we won't be in the EU and that means more criminals and fewer
police inside our borders. Terrorism and other crimes are committed every
day in the UK and Britain. Fewer of these could be inside Europe if we
weren't in the EU. Last year Belgian police caught 4 criminals, that's a
whopping 4 million extra crimes per day. Don't risk it, your jobs could
depend on it.
(Jack Hussain of New Scotland Yard).(Source: EU Commission)

Good for families  - being in the EU means families are in Europe, speak
safer languages and have more jobs and holidays. 3 million children in the
UK learn French every year, thats a whopping 3 million jobs abroad in or
near Europe and Turkey. Russian childen don't learn French, and we
wouldn't either if we weren't in Europe or the EU.(Source: EU Commission)

small businesses
- most of our exports are within Europe or the rest of
the world. Almost all of our imports are from abroad, thats a whopping 7
million jobs currently lost through trade alone. 200 small businesses do
better trade in Germany than the Germans do in the UK, that's a whopping
7 pounds per week.(Source: EU Commission)

good for young people
 -   7 billion foreign students come to Britain and
the UK each year costing the tax payer a whopping 4 trillion euros. Without
the EU there wouldn't be any euros and we would be unable to pay it, or to
build any new universities to house them all. UK students go abroad  
between terms often to Europe or the EU and Turkey. THAT MEANS JOBS
IN TOURISM IN TURKEY OR THE EU, lost if we join the EU.(Source: EU

good for women - the EU is the proud home to 40 billion muslims, thats a
whopping 4 million jobs. Women feel safer in Europe and the EU and being
near Turkey. Women in the EU enjoy extra marital affairs and maternity
payments whatever their religion or creed or belief. Thats all at risk if we
join the EU or Turkey.(Source: EU Commission)

good for pensioners  - more than half of Britain's pensioners are women
and most of them have been to the EU on their holidays, or have recveived
post cards from children , grand children and friends from the EU or
Turkey. Most of them feel a lot safer in the EU than in Europe. This is all at
risk if we start co+operating with foreign criminals or leave the EU. Joining
Europe can help prostituion (see better for women above).(Source: EU

good for workers  - workers rights have never been better in the EU, and
if we leave the EU there will be NO MINIMUM WAGE, NO JOBS AND NO
Remember in the EU, you get ONLY the minimum wage or a holiday if you
are on maternity leave. And migrants don't get paid at all. That's a
whopping 7 million jobs at risk if we lose our maternity leave.(Source: EU

leaving Europe is a leap in the dark for you and your family - experts
agree that without Europe and Turkey we  in Britain would be in Syria, and
thats near Iran. Neither Spain nor Iran are in the EU, except Spain which is
in the EU and is one of the few countries not about to leave.(Source: EU

"Brexit puts jobs at risk" say EU chief Junker Flanders, head of Europol.
More than 200,000 jobs are connected to the UK, the Commonwealth or
Turkey and none of those are in the EU except the UK, which is about to
leave. Turkey is near Spain and is about to join. Don't risk your job or your
family's job, stay in Spain, stay in the UK, stay in for breakfast.(Source: EU

Jobs at risk  - the AA has said that if we leave the EU or Europe there will
be fewer break downs while abroad on holiday, that means 4 job losses in
the Cayman Islands.(Source: EU Commission)

Lower prices at risk  -  remember shops before the EU or Common
Market as it was known then? UK families had to stand ankle deep in shit to
buy dead pigeons for inflated prices. don't risk it, stay in Turkey.(Source:
EU Commission)

Russia at risk  - if we left the UK or the EU , European or EU armies
wouldn't be there to protect us. Remeber Srebrenika when Dutch troops
stood by and watched while Serbs slaughtered civillians? We need this kind
of help in case Russia invades. If we leave the EU or Turkey you'd better
start shitting yourself, Britain needs EU help like it needs a leaky
boat.(Source: EU Commission)

UK security at risk
 -   Brexit would leave us vulnerable to Belgian
prostutution says energy expert Sultan Mohammed D'Orleans. We need
Italian police to help solve the 5 million crimes commited in London every
year.(Source: EU Commission)

Stronger at the pump  - UK oil reserves would vanish overnight and put
a whopping 4 p on petrol (or a possible £37 rise per gallon, the Sun) if we left
Germany or the EU, says defence cheif Tamara Macnamara.(Source: EU

Stronger in Europe, which is near the EU and
Turkey and France.(Source: EU Commission)

Better together in photographs - leaflets like  these are better with photos of
British families and young people, friends and families, smiling , chatting ,
getting on with their busy lives. Dont risk it. (Source: EU Commission)