Now For The Next Step in the progress to working class victory

       When we've saved democracy from the middle class attempt to abolish it  - then we have
to take back the left from them.

       Despite the onslaught from the capitalist and social democrat media and establishment,
the common people of Britain have stood their ground to save our democratic rights and the
country's sovereignty from a sustained attempt to dispose of it and replace it with a capitalist
dictatorship, the EU.
       The wider movement and phenomenon of which the EU is a part will still of course be in
place – the twin peril of global corporate capitalism, allied to the middle classes who are its
2nd beneficiaries and who predominate in the media and in politics.
       What concerns us most of course is their colonisation of the left, of the Labour
movement. This referendum is perhaps  the beginning of the end of their wayward power-
gorged rule, now begins the struggle to win back control of the left for the working classes,
and to start a progress towards a fair Britain, from which poverty and gross inequality are
finally banished.
       The middle classes have colonised the left for too long, and in the EU debate we have seen
the result of it – a left that isn't even democrat, a left that doesn't think that working people
should have the right to chose their government, a left that thinks a capitalist dictatorship,
ruled by a middle class elite, in the interests of capitalism, is a good thing.
       When there was a real left, that project would have been opposed vigorously as the right
wing coup that it is.
       It looks like the working classes are standing up to oppose it, just in time.

11th June 2016